Selling Your Business in 2024/2025?

Want to

'Sell Your Business 4 More'

You've Spent Years Building Your Company

The Mission Now Is To Sell And
Transform Your Life

Here's How You do It

Use our step by step approach to prepare you (the business Owner) and the company for a successful sale. 

You have questions, we have easy to learn lessons with the answers. All delivered quickly in both text and audio format. 

We'll guide you through the preparation and selling process. So you can sell your business 4 more, much more. 

Then you can move on to the next exciting phase of your life. Whatever that is.

Your guide is a 4 x Author, Speaker, Coach, and 

CEO of WarrenBDC

Eric Gilboord

Author Of:

Hundreds of Articles, Blog Posts, Interviews By and Speaking Engagements for and many more:

A Little Background

I'm the CEO of WarrenBDC a management and business selling consultancy. Having worked with hundreds of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners over the past 28 years, I know Owners well. I have a solid understanding of what they think about, worry about and dream about. This enables me to quickly help Owners get properly prepared to sell. And sell successfully.

Today I specialize in helping 'first time' business sellers to sell their company faster and for more. Simply said, I change lives.

I'm a speaker, the author of 4 books on growing and selling companies and the writer of hundreds of business articles, featured in national newspapers, magazines and online blogs. You can find me regularly interviewed for online Podcasts, TV and Radio shows talking about successfully selling companies.

Business Owners consider me their business selling coach, an expert they can rely on for business selling advice, tips and insights delivered via my weekly emails or blog.

I'm a best selling author. My latest business selling book 'Moving Forward' was written for Business Owners, like yourself, to help navigate through the preparation and selling process.

I speak to groups of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners on growing and preparing their businesses for sale and selling successfully for more.

Why I Created This Program

Having worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized business Owners just like you, I’ve had thousands of conversations with Owners about their personal and business challenges and needs. I got to be really good at getting inside their heads. Understanding your pain and frustrations.

It became clear to me that as an Owner you typically have little or no experience with selling a business. This can be the source of worry and frustration. 

You built a successful company, over 2, 3 or 4 decades. Not thinking much about the end of the journey. Age has crept up on you and selling the business is now top of mind.

Getting good help to sell is not easy and this fuels your frustration even more. There are very few real resources to turn to. Business Brokers might make some superficial suggestions to get ready for sale but are only interested in the actual transaction.

I created WarrenBDC a business that specializes in the personal and professional transition as well as the actual business sale transaction. We prepare both you the Owner and the business for sale and then source Buyers and sell your company for you. 

From my experience with WarrenBDC I created this online program.

Bottom Line

If your goal is to sell your company for as much money as possible and on your terms we are on the same page.

Do some of the lessons or do them all.

It's up to you. This is a self directed program. Pick and choose through the 4 sections. You decide which lessons are the most appropriate for you to apply to increase the value of your company before you sell.

Why Our Courses Will Work For You

Expertise and experience delivered in a guided, cost effective, time efficient process.

The insights, processes and systems to properly prepare you and the business for sale. Go to market strong and confident.

Ability to attract the best Buyers and Intermediaries.

Rapid increase in the value of your business.

Tasks and exercises with execution designed to include your in house or outside resources.

Program & Bonuses

All 4 steps the entire program.
 Private 1:1 coaching session with Eric. Monthly Lunch and Learns sessions.

Sell For More money than Brokers are telling
you the company is currently worth.

Sell For More money than you think you'll Ever need for A Comfortable retirement.

Sell For More Money Than You're Even ThinkingAbout Asking.

Use Our Program To Build, Guide and
Manage Your Transition Team

Thanks for all the advice over the past five years or so. I’ve now got my business sold and for more than I was asking or expected. Tons of great info that helped me get to the finish line. ~ Paul S
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