Get Ready to Sell your business in 2024/2025


You've Spent Years Building Your Business

The Mission Now Is To Sell And
Transform Your Life

Here's How You do It

Use our step by step approach to prepare you (the business Owner) and the company for a successful sale. 

You have questions, we have easy to learn lessons with the answers. All delivered quickly in both text and audio format. 

We'll guide you through the preparation and selling process. So you can sell your business 4 more, much more. 

Then you can move on to the next exciting phase of your life. Whatever that is.

Sell For More money than Brokers are telling
you the company is currently worth.

Sell For More money than you think you'll Ever need for A Comfortable retirement.

Sell For More Money Than You're Even ThinkingAbout Asking.

Program & Bonuses

All 4 steps the entire program.
Private 1:1 coaching session with Eric. Monthly Lunch and Learns sessions.

Whether You're Planning To Sell Now
Or Transition Sometime Later

It's Never Too Early To Get Started

Selling a business is hard enough. Selling for the first time can be challenging to say the least. There's plenty of competition, more than you might think. Getting started is the first big step.

Remember 80% of Businesses DO NOT SELL

If you've tried selling your business, before being properly prepared, then you know how painfully true this is.

You'll Need Experienced Help for an Edge

More than 2/3 of all established businesses have seasoned Owners 55+ years old. They will be selling soon and need to make as much as they can for retirement. Younger business owners are selling sooner than ever before.

The key to selling your business 4 more is and always has been proper preparation of both the Owner and the company.

Our Courses Work Well for Any Size Business

Size doesn't matter. Our courses work well for $500,000 sole proprietors to multi-million dollar companies. Sell your business faster and for more money

Go to market strong and confident.
Sell for more and on your terms.


Our 4 Step Proven Process

Step 1: The Selling Overview

Preparing for your business selling journey. Get a great overview of what's ahead - before starting the journey. Get a lay of the land. Stuff you need to think about and actions to be taken. A realistic timing for the journey and resources required. Eliminate the overwhelm of selling your business.

Step 2: The Seller

Time for some personal introspection and action. Personally preparing for a successful sale of a company is key. Sellers think about the company not how the sale impacts them and family. Presale, during the sale process and after sale. Thinking leads to action items. Stuff needs to get done.

Step 3: The Company

Think deeply about the company.  To sell for more, the company needs to be presented in its best light. You will think about all departments, staff, customers and vendors. Changes will be made. Decisions will affect many. Some actions will be quick to implement, others not.

Step 4: The Selling Process

Taking action to sell your company. Actions for the company are spelled out for you. You've done the thinking and actions for your personal requirements. Spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the company. Now it's time to do all the tasks required to sell your business.

Use Our Program To Guide and
Manage Your Transition Team

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Why Our Courses Will Work For You

Expertise and experience delivered in a guided, cost effective, time efficient process.

The insights, processes and systems to properly prepare you and the business for sale. Go to market strong and confident.

Ability to attract the best Buyers and Intermediaries.

Rapid increase in the value of your business.

Tasks and exercises with execution designed to include your in house or outside resources.

Program & Bonuses

All 4 steps the entire program.
 Private 1:1 coaching session with Eric. Monthly Lunch and Learns sessions.

Thanks for all the advice over the past five years or so. I’ve now got my business sold and for more than I was asking or expected. Tons of great info that helped me get to the finish line. ~ Paul S
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